Orange Manager works with WooCommerce

Are you running your eCommerce site using WooCommerce and WordPress? Orange Manager lets you manage all your orders as well as shipping / postage / inventory and customer service needs. Connect and manage your entire WooCommerce shipping process from one place.

Orange Manager, combined with WooCommerce makes life easier. Download your orders, choose the best rate from multiple carriers, then print postage, track the orders and help your customers - all from one location!

Integrated Features

  • Secure "REST" integration
  • Cloud Based access from most anywhere on most anything
  • Integrated Customer Service
  • Track discounts and shipping charges
  • Notify Woo Commerce of shipped orders
  • Import Products and Manage local inventory
  • Import unshipped orders
  • Connect to MailChimp or Vertical Response
  • Track tax collected
  • Imports customer notes
  • Purchase discounted postage
  • Single Screen Shipping Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. You will only need a payment method upon hitting the monthly order limit or if you have chosen a paid subscription (after the trial period).

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. And, we made it easy to cancel - not like those other guys that hide the button, or make you call them. All you need to do is visit the admin page and near the bottom right you'll see a red button that says "Cancel Service. Click that to start the process - easier than squeezing oranges!

I use WooCommerce and Etsy (or Amazon, or Miva, or...) will this help me?

Yes. Orange Manager will download all your orders, and then present them to you for shipping and managing using our simplified order view (patent pending).

How do I set up Orange Manage with WooCommerce?

After creating your Orange Manager account, you'll head over to the "Stores & Channels" page. There you will find an option for WooCommerce. The directions are laid out, and pretty straight forward (although we are here if you need help).

Is my data safe?

Yes. First, we only have "read" access to your store data. We never do anything on the store side except pull data down (we do notify Woo Commerce that the order has shipped). The data on our side is also safe - we use SSL and HTTPS every step of the way. Additionally we do "hot" backups of the data on a regular basis, so in the unlikely event of a failure, we can recover quickly. Lastly, we don't share or otherwise use your customers data and if you want it, we'll get you an export - no questions asked.

What makes Orange Manager better/different than the system I am already using?

The best option to answer that question is to try us out - and see. But honestly, we have tried many of the systems out there. And in the end, they all fell short. Sure, they do print labels, but really - thats only the beginning of what you need. Your shipping person needs that, but you need... shipping, labels, single screen rates, Customer Service integration, refunds, access levels, cloud/web based. Oh, and how about a super easy way to ship... or not - an order? Seriously, we know its sounds redundant, but the fact is - we are easier, faster, better and cheaper.

Why is it called "Orange Manager?

Our co-founder hates fruit, but loves Orange Marmalade. While creating this thing he came to realize that his whole motivation was to take a system (dealing with E-commerce orders) he and others hated and make it tasty. At the same time, he realized that the reason most of those other system taste like crap - is because they were created to manage stuff (apples) but not E-Commerce stuff (oranges). One day he remembered that old saying.. "Its like comparing apples to oranges". Yea - they are both fruit, but Oranges come from the internet, and apples don't! We know its kinda cheesy, but you get the idea. You need a system to deal with sales that come from the internet and you need it to be simple. You need Orange Manager.