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What is Orange Manager?

Orange Manager is an E-Commerce Management System built on the concept of simplifying shipping, while making the e-commerce process easier.
Using its Patent Pending design, you will ship your orders faster. But more than that, you will be able to manage your orders from tracking to taxes.
By using our integrated system you will be able to run reports, handle customer service (even pre-sales), enhance your marketing and more.
Orange Manager - Hand Crafted by Sellers, for Sellers.
One System

Download all orders from all stores to one central location. Amazon, Miva, Shopify, Weebly, 3Dcart and more - all in one place

Ship and Sort

Get a good look at all your orders with our unique Patent Pending design, then ship them - or send them to your CSR, Accounting, or Backorder folders.

Email Notification

Using either our free built-in tracking notification, or our intergation with Aftership, your customers will know when their order ships.

Customer Service

Now your CSR has full access to the order info - notes, tracking and more - from anywhere in the world.

Handle Refunds

Your finance person can issue refunds, check status and more - from anywhere they happen to be.

Fulfillment Centers

Ship from more than one location? Now its easier than ever to keep track of literally - everything.

Multiple Drop Shippers

Send emails to your drop shippers - right from the order page! SImply decide what items they should ship and submit.


Grant access - and security levels - from your admin. Want the CSR to see orders, but not accounting - done!

Track Inventory

Have a local warehouse? Have two? Maybe a fulfillment center as well? Now you can see what is where - and how many there are!


Sales stats, invenory stats, and more - reports built in. Need somethign else - just ask.

Block Customers

We all have them - the nagging customer you'd rather not ship to. Now, you can monitor if the customer that just placed that order - is the same one that returned the last 4.

And more

And there is more.. Cloud based. Any device, any where. MySQL data storage. Secure access. and more...

  • "Mom & Pop" sites
  • Growing E-Commerce companies
  • Ease of use - from anywhere
  • Limited Budgets
  • Working from home
  • Saving time and money
  • Multi users
  • You!

Built from the ground up by E-commerce owners who were tired of all the systems out there that just didn't work the way we wanted them to.

Orange Manager is intuitive for everyone - the shipping folks, the CSR's, the admins, and the owners. Built by sellers for sellers.

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With more than 30 integrations and growing, we have your orchard covered!
Want to know more about our postage / label options? Click here to get the details on our multi-shipper platform!

◉ Reports

  • Sales by State (with taxes)
  • Sales By Item
  • Gross Sales
  • Gross Sales (includes FBA)
  • Inventory Cost Analysis
  • Need A Report? Just Let Us Know.
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By sellers, for sellers.

The backstory...
About us...

Orange Manager was built from the ground up to replace an in-house custom built system for a company using Miva Merchant on multiple sites and handling up to 100+ orders a day. They had built their own in-house order manager because nothing else did what they needed - without over doing it every where else.

Based on that companies needs, we took it and made it usable for the masses - and for them. Built to work from anywhere - including a garage, home office or warehouse - Orange Manager doesn't do it all - but it sure as heck does what the E-Commerce store owner needs.

After checking out many other systems already in existence we found that there was no single solution available. So we created one! The result - a patent pending design for shipping, and an overall system that truly makes E-Commerce easier.

  • Built With Miva Script and JavaScript

    Fast, secure, reliable.

  • Use Anywhere

    Your garage, your home office, your warehouse. All you need is a browser and an internet connection (and a printer).

  • Development

    We'll keep developing based on user feedback. More integrations and easier to use - but without all the fancy bells and whistles - we'll leave those for the other guys.

  • Secure & Private

    We don't share your data. We backup our servers. We use SSL.

  • Redundant & Cloud Based

    Auto Replicated and Virtually Indestructible.

A bunch of


More than 100

Active Subscribers

A bushel of

Emails Sent

Hand picked and packed

Products covered

Our Team

Visit Orange Marmalade, Inc. to learn more about the team.


Plain and simple - like 100% natural orange juice.
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  • Built-In Order Notes
  • Built-In Non-Order Notes
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More Features

Meeting a need - not creating one.
Designed with Love

"For sellers, by sellers." Need we say any more?

Creative Features

How does integrated internal messaging sound? Take a note, send it to shipping. Take down potential customer info, send it to followup. Simple easy and built in. Got an idea for a feature? Let us know.

Thousands of Options

OK- there really aren't "thousands", but there are a lot. And since we're built on the web and not on your local PC, we are limited only by what we can imagine (and what your stores let us do)...

Easy to Customize

Built on Miva Script, a touch of JavaScript and HTML 5, we can create most anything. Custom reports, new payment integrations, new store, ... you name it, we can give it a whirl. Who else offers that?

Clean Strategy

We are all about E-commerce. Nothing else. No apples, no cherries, just plain old oranges (products sold online). Clean, easy to use with no big learning curve. We like the "K.I.S.S" strategy - you know... Keep It Simple Silly.

Awesome Support

We like to think we are awesome - but the truth is, well - we are! It may take a few hours or so to get back to you (emergencies the exception), but when we do - we'll do our very best to make sure your needs are addressed.


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